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Potters offer a full range of services, from concept design through to delivery via our own vehicles.

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Sub Contact Manufacturing Services

Concept Design & Prototyping

Concept Design & Prototyping

Resources dedicated to:

  • Concept designs
  • Design enhancement
  • Proving designs
  • Technical support and advice
  • Drawing, programming and manufacturing prototypes for testing and customer approvals
  • Researching new techniques
  • Establishing and recommending the most cost effective ways to meet individual needs

C.N.C. Laser Cutting & Punching

C.N.C. Punching

A combination laser cutting & punching machine and stand alone punching machine programmed through two CAD/CAM stations offer:

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility of materials, shapes and volumes
  • Fast turn round through automatic load and unload facility
  • Computerised Inspection of finished products providing documentation for first off or SPC data
  • Researching new techniques

C.N.C. Laser Cutting & Punching Technical Specifications

  • Amada LC2012 C1NT laser cutting & punching combination machine with automatic loading of sheet metal.
  • Amada 345 King
  • Extensive inventory of stock tooling
  • Fabrivision computerised inspection of finished products
  • Nitrogen generator for high quality laser profiled edges

N.C. Forming

N.C. Forming

Six forming machines enable us to offer:

  • Accuracy through numerical controls
  • Flexibility on order volumes
  • Control of cost
  • Immediate design change
  • Speedy prototype services

Two presses compliment the forming & bushing options by accommodating:

  • Special requirements
  • Bespoke tooling

N.C. Forming Technical Specifications

6 x N.C. Forming Machines

N.C. Forming
  • 4 Amada 50 Ton 2.00 mtr beam
  • 2 Amada 50 Ton 1.25 mtr beam
  • 2 Amada 25 Ton 1.25 mtr beam
  • 1 Mebusa 40 Ton 2.00 mtr beam
  • 1 Promecam 50 Ton 2.00 mtr beam
  • 2 Promecam 25 Ton 1.25 mtr beam

2 x Presses

  • 1 Amada 30 Ton Hydraulic
  • 1 Bar Press

Graining & De-burring

Graining & De-burring

Two conveyorised grainers and three de-burring facilities provide:

  • High quality grained finishes
  • Consistency, batch to batch
  • Cost effective production methods to suit individual requirements
  • Ease of handling during product assembly

N.C. Forming Technical Specifications

2 x Conveyor Grainers

  • 1 x Grind Master Grainer 600mm wide belt with de-burring brush
  • Grind Master Grainer 150mm wide belt

De-burring Facilities

  • Vibratory De-burrer 1200mm bowl
  • 111E Single Edge De-burrer



Four welding units with separate cleaning stations ensure:

  • Robust manufacture
  • Integrity of design for final application
  • Aesthetically pleasing finished products

Welding Technical Specifications

3 x Fully extracted and illuminated welding units - all capable of

  • T.I.G. or M.I.G.
  • Oxy Acetylene
  • Arc
  • 3 x Cleaning stations with extraction



Four machines provide:

  • Flexibility of set up
  • Cost effective production methods through auto feed capabilities
  • Dedicated resources for large volumes
  • Special requirements accommodated through in house tool manufacture

Bushing Technical Specifications

4 x Insert machines

  • 4 x Haeger 6 Ton with auto bowl feed



Plating options enhance:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Decorative grained finishes

Options include:

  • Zinc and clear
  • Iridite NCP
  • Surtech 650
  • Alocrom 100, 1000 and 1200
  • Nickel

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

State of the art automatic powder coating plant giving:

  • Cost effective products
  • Fast turn round of volume products
  • Masking for earthing and RFI requirements
  • Consistency through auto gun setting
  • Durable coatings
  • Unlimited colour choice
  • Wide range of finishes
  • Corrosion protection
  • Environmentally friendly products

Powder Coating Technical Specifications

Self contained conveyorised facility encompassing:

  • 300ft Continous conveyor
  • 3 Stage Degrease and Iron Phosphate Pretreatment
  • Dry Off Oven
  • 2 Powder Coating Booths
  • 2 Automatic Reciprocators
  • 2 Vibratory Box Fed Guns
  • Curing Oven

Wet Painting

Wet Painting

Two wet spray paint booths offering:

  • Flexibility of finishes
  • Masking for earthing and RFI requirements
  • Smoother finish than powder coating
  • Unlimited colour choice
  • Filling of stud heads to achieve front panel quality
  • Corrosion protection

Wet Painting Technical Specifications

Paint shop includes:

  • Combined Degrease and Iron Phosphate Washing
  • Water Wash Spray Booths
  • Curing Ovens

Screen Painting

Screen Painting

Two screen printing stations add to the image of finished products by offering options including:

  • Customer Logo's
  • Product usage information
  • Safety information
  • Unlimited colour choice
  • Stoved or air dried inks

Suitability for:

  • Powder coated finishes
  • Wet painted finishes
  • Grained and plated finishes
  • Plastic finishes

CAD / CAM Inspection

CAD / CAM Inspection

Software systems to allow fast transfer of drawing information to and from customers via email:

  • Solid Edge 3D design
  • Doctor Abe nesting of parts
  • NVETrack bar coded manufacturing and purchasing package
  • Fabrivision Inspection
  • Microsoft Office

Drawings Via Email

Drawings Via Email

The following file formats are accepted:

  • PDF drawings
  • DWG drawings
  • DXF drawings
  • DGN drawings
  • E drawings

The following file formats are accepted for Solid Edge:

  • Parasolid files
  • Step files
  • Pro. E. files
  • IGES files

NB: Other file types can be accommodated upon request.

Unit Assembly

Unit Assembly

Assorted tooling to offer:

  • Lower cost of time and labour through part assembly of units prior to delivery
  • Reductions in supplier base
  • Fitting of free issue components

Unit Assembly Technical Specifications

Assorted equipment such as:

  • Air assisted rivet guns
  • Air assisted power drivers
  • Drills

Kanban, Scheduling & Delivery

Kanban, Scheduling & Delivery

Facilites designed to provide a fast and flexible personal service within our own control:

  • Kanban systems
  • Scheduled delivery systems
  • Enclosed Euro Bins if beneficial
  • Returnable, environmentally friendly packaging
  • Bespoke packaging
  • Correct handling via our own vehicles

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